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Hydrosonic pro

Professional dental care

With Hydrosonic pro you get that professionally cleaned feeling every time you brush – even with braces, implants, sensitive gums… and those hard-to-reach spots.

Seven different cleaning levels: Find your favourite… enjoy your perfect teeth cleaning

Powerful battery: More than 60 minutes brushing from one USB charge

Three innovative brush heads: Power, sensitive and single

Perfect cleaning: Even in hard-to-reach areas… thanks to CURACURVE® – small bend, big difference


Oral care as fine art

Tooth brushing does not get more precise than this. The “single”, extra small brush head is the ultimate in both tooth-by-tooth and gumline cleaning. Now you can clean between teeth and braces, brackets or retainers – perfectly and effortlessly. Swiss brush head technology at its finest.

Those brush heads get everywhere

Brush head design that’s nothing short of exceptional. Ultra-fine, gentle Curen® filaments – instead of conventional nylon – that wrap around each tooth to clean more effectively. And because the brush head is so small… all the areas around all your teeth are easy to reach.

What’s your level? Choose from 7

Up to 84.000 wonderfully gentle brush movements a minute. The Hydrosonic pro electric toothbrush gives you that professionally cleaned feeling. Choose your cleaning level and get brushing.

60 minutes brushing from one charge

Up to 30+ brushing sessions. Yes really. And the power remains exactly the same throughout the charge. And it goes without saying you can charge via USB. What else would you expect?

Small bend, big difference

CURACURVE® is a bend in the brush of only 10 or 15 degrees. But it makes a world of difference. Now you can easily clean the difficult areas – the back of the front teeth, behind the molars and premolars. This is what happens when dental professionals design dental products.

Hydrosonic holiday

It’s a travel set. It’s light, it’s compact, it’s practical. So you can always give yourself the oral care you deserve. Now your Hydrosonic pro need never leave your side.

Oral health at the touch of the button.

We ignored electric toothbrushes for a long time. So did Curaprox expert Prof. Dr. med. dent. Ueli P. Saxer. Then we all had an aha! moment. The Hydrosonic pro has been pushing everyone’s buttons ever since.

A brush head for every scenario

The Hydrosonic pro electric toothbrush comes with three innovative brush heads – power, sensitive and single – all developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Which one’s for you?


Gentle, mild,
Sonic toothbrush

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