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Baby toothbrush

Baby’s first toothbrush

Because brushing their first tooth is a special moment

Extra-fine, gentle Curen® filaments prevent injuries

The rubberised brush head protects the delicate oral mucosa – the tissue that lines the mouth

Designed with “biofunctionality”… to work in harmony with your baby’s natural development

The rounded handle helps your child to hold their toothbrush the right way – with gentle pressure


Extra-fine filaments… densely packed

The filaments are 0.09mm in diameter. And there are lots of them. 5500 to be exact. Incredibly gentle. Incredibly efficient.

Support and protection for your child

Soft rubber coats the brush head to protect the gums and the oral mucosa – the tissue that lines the mouth. And rubber rings provide support on the handle… so your child knows the right way to hold a toothbrush – now and forever.

Stand by me

Living with a child can be beautifully chaotic. But some order feels good. The stand keeps things neat and tidy… and the filaments dry out ready for the next session. If your baby fancies a chew on it… no problem – it helps with teething.

The best oral health from day one

Hooray! Their first tooth is here. But also… ouch! They need special care. The baby toothbrush is especially gentle and prevents injuries to the delicate oral mucosa – the tissue that lines the mouth.

From healthy milk teeth to healthy adult teeth

Milk teeth are important. They act as the placeholders for adult teeth. Strong, healthy milk teeth also support the development of your child’s jaw as well as their speech and language.

For a healthy oral microflora

If the oral microflora is no longer in balance, decay attacks the milk teeth. This increases the likelihood of tooth decay in adult teeth.

Routinely fun

Make cleaning teeth fun and joyful… so you can both enjoy quality parent-child time. Establishing this playful, enjoyable ritual gives them the basis for a great oral health care routine for life.

Step by step

Time flies. Before you know it, your child will be cleaning their teeth independently. Here’s how you can support them through this journey:

Phase 1: Dependent cleaning

From the first tooth. You take control of their oral hygiene.

Phase 2: Supported brushing

From two-and-a-half years old. Your child starts to brush their own teeth. You finish off with a thorough brush.

Phase 3: Supervised brushing

From 9 years. You regularly check, motivate and support them with their oral health.

Phase 4: Independent brushing

Young adults. They’re responsible for brushing their teeth and looking after their oral health.


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Teething ring

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