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Teething Ring


More than just a teething ring. A rattle to awaken the senses... exciting textures to promote sensory and motor skills... an integrated training toothbrush. Fun, fun, fun.

Takes away teething pain

An adventure playground for the senses

Prepares your little one for brushing their teeth

Available in three colours – turquoise, blue and pink


Exciting textures… and a rattle

There’s lots to discover… different textures, the colourful balls in the rattle. The senses are stimulated. The baby plays happily. The pain is forgotten. The adults are content.

Looking forward to brushing their teeth?!

For your baby, their teething ring’s a toy. But they’re also playfully preparing to brush their teeth for the first time. The integrated training toothbrush massages their gums and gets them used to brushing. Are they looking forward to brushing their teeth? Too right.

First tooth pain?

Their first tooth has arrived! But they’re in pain. Before you reach for an ointment... give them the teething ring. They’ll know exactly what to do with it. And it will take the pain away.

Milk teeth are the placeholders for adult teeth.

The teething ring was developed by Dr Nadja-Marina Kellerhoff. It helps your child to prepare for brushing for the first time. This is the best way to keep the first teeth healthy.

Three colours…

… triple the fun. Light blue, pink and turquoise. Give them their favourite colour and watch them instinctively bite down. Goodbye toothache pains. Hello big smiles.

the milk teeth
break through

The incisors are the first. The molars are the last. It starts at about six months. Over the next 20 months the milk teeth develop… one by one.

When the teeth “break through”… Ouch!

The first little tooth is a celebration for the parents. But not for the baby. Some have mild discomfort. Others suffer from severe pain. Teething is only complete when all 20 milk teeth are in place.

Does my baby need a teething ring?

Babies have a simple solution to relieve toothache pain. They bite into whatever’s nearest. So it’s best if it’s a toxin-free – and completely safe to use – teething ring recommended by paediatricians and dentists. One that makes teething more pleasant – for your child and for you.

What makes a good teething ring?

Well it has to take away their pain. How about exciting surface textures to explore… to help develop sensory and motor skills? A training toothbrush to make your baby excited and curious about brushing? A stimulating rattle? Shake it up baby now.


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